Demos - how-to scenarios

This page lists some Flash demos that will walk you through the Lassi program to show how certain tasks can be acomplished. The demos are best viewed in the order they are shown in this list.

To start the demo, and to continue when the demo pauses, click on the arrow that will appear in the lower right corner. You may have to click to activate the Flash demo first.

1. How to create a simple cue list? (1468 Kb)
2. How to enter intensity levels? (3422 Kb)
3. How to work with cue prompts? (2596 Kb)
4. How to change cue numbering? (618 Kb)
5. How to create split fades? (2159 Kb)
6. How to work with channel groups? (1164 Kb)
7. How to work with submasters? (568 Kb)
8. How to patch the channels to dimmers? (1459 Kb)
9. How to walk the channels? (443 Kb)
10. How to run the show? (977 Kb)
11. How to watch the communications with the Lanbox? (*) (2963 Kb)
12. How to set levels using motorized faders? (3407 Kb)

(*) A number of changes to the software have been made since the time of preparing the above demos. For example, changing the log options is no longer done from a separate window, this functionality is moved under the preferences window.