Dark Theatre

A very bright computer display is a bit uncomfortable to work with in a theatre that is dark other than on the stage. If the contrast between stage and display is too big, the eyes have to adjust all the time when editing cues on the display and looking at the result on stage.

Also, a bright display can also distract the audience when either the display is in view or the operator behind it can be seen.

As a first step, the display brightness can be lowered by selecting a black desktop background in the operating system, and by adjusting the brightness of the display itself.

In addition it is possible in Lassi to change the colors that are used in the windows. Go to Preferences > Display and click the Dark Theatre check box and the Apply button.

In the same preferences window it is also possible to use the slider to change the brightness of all Lassi windows.

Here is an example of what the Sheet window looks like in dark theatre:

Example dark theatre window