These manual pages describe how Lassi can be used to help in programming the Lanbox.

Two windows are intended for editing cue lists: the Sheet window, and the Cues window. The Sheet window is used to program channel and submaster levels. Cue prompts can be entered in the the Cues window. Both windows can be used to add, delete, copy or renumber cues.

For patching dimmers to channels, you can use the Patch window.

The Groups window can be used to create or select channel groups. Group selection can be used to limit the amount of information that is shown in the Sheet window.

Online Help

Lassi has online help that you can activate using the F1 key, or by selecting the Help > Help Contents menu option.

Some windows have a button with a question mark icon. When hitting this button the cursor will change to an arrow with a question mark. You can now click anywhere in the Lassi windows to go to the help page of that part of Lassi.

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