Command Log

Screen shot

The command log window displays the commands that are sent to the Lanbox, and the Lanbox responses.

Depending on the log options that have been selected in the log options window, the raw command contents is displayed, together with the interpreted (human readable) representation of the commands and the responses.

The window has scrollbars to scroll through the log text. When the maximum number of lines is reached, the oldest lines are removed to make room for new lines. This way, the text can keep rolling "indefinitely".

Choose Windows > Log > Command Log to watch the conversation between Lassi and the Lanbox.

Choose Windows > Log > LCEdit+ Log to watch the conversation between LCEdit+ and the Lanbox. To make this work, select Tools > Debug Mode and Tools > Log To File in LCEdit+, and set property log.lcedit.filename in file lassi.preferences to the name of the log file that is written by LCEdit+.