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Package be.lassi.cues

Cue implementation.


Interface Summary
CueListener Defines actions to be done when Cue object attributes change.
CuesListener Listen for changes in a Cues object.

Class Summary
AudioCueDetail Details about an audio cue (currently just a placeholder for possible future implementation).
Cue A Cue represents a state of lighting on the stage.
CueChannelLevel Represent the level (intensity) of a channel within a Cue.
CueChannelLevels Collection of CueChannelLevel objects.
CueCommandFactory Generates Lanbox commands to save cue lists.
CueDetail Contains cue detail (abstract super classes for subclasses that contain more details for each of the different cue types).
CueDetailFactory Creates CueDetail objects (subclasses of CueDetail) from a Cue description.
CueLevel Level (intensity) of a channel or submaster within a Cue.
CueListFactory Generates Lanbox cue lists from a Lassi cue list.
CueNumber Number of a cue in dotted format (1, 1.1, 2, 2.1, 2.1.1, etc.).
CueNumberGenerator Generates default numbers for new Cues that are added to Cues collections.
CueSubmasterLevel A submaster level within a cue definition.
CueSubmasterLevels Collection with submaster levels within a cue definition.
DefaultCueListener A default implementation of the CueListener interface.
DefaultCuesListener Default implementation of the CuesListener interface that does not really do anything.
DirtyCues Flag that is used in objects to indicate that their state has changed (object is dirty) and should be saved to make the changes persistant..
LightCueDetail A Cue represents a state of lighting on the stage.
LightCues Collection of Cues.
NewLightCues Collection of Cues.
Timing The timing information for a single cue, consisting of potentially different times for fade in and fade out, and different wait times for fade in and fade out, an overall initial wait, and an hold time at the end.

Enum Summary

Package be.lassi.cues Description

Cue implementation.

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