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Package be.lassi.lanbox

The software representation of the lanbox.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
ChannelChangeQueue Queue for channel change requests.
CommandFactory Constructs Command objects from request buffers.
CommandLogQueue Input queue for lanbox command logging, commands are put on this queue after execution in the lanbox.
CommandQueue Queue for lanbox commands.
Connection The tcp/ip connection to the Lanbox: opens and closes the connection to the Lanbox and provides methods to read and write data to and from the Lanbox.
ConnectionCommandProcessor Processes Lanbox commands by actually sending them over a TCP connection to the Lanbox, and processing the Lanbox response.
ConnectionConfiguration Configuration parameters for the logic that controls the tcp/ip connection with the Lanbox.
ConnectionPreferences Properties of a lanbox connection.
ConnectionStatus Status of the tcp-ip connection with the Lanbox.
CurrentCueChannelChanges Listens to channel changes in the current cue and sends ChannelChanges to the Lanbox engine.
LanboxEngine Coordinates the communication to the lanbox.
LayerStatusPrinter Prints a textual representation of the engine status.
Runner Functions for controlling Lanbox cue lists (next cue, previous cue, pause, resume), and visualizing progress (current cue, fade and hold).

Package be.lassi.lanbox Description

The software representation of the lanbox.

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