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Package be.lassi.ui.sheet

Implements the Sheet window.


Class Summary
CueRenumberDialog Dialog that asks user for cue renumber parameters.
CueRenumberParameters Parameters for cue renumbering.
CueRenumberParametersValidator Validates renumbering parameters.
CueSelector Interpretes mouse click on sheet details table column headers to select or unselect cues, or to make cue current cue.
LevelDragListener Detects whether or not the user is changing channel level values by dragging the mouse out of a selected channel level bar.
SheetFrame Window that allows the user to maintain light cue details.
SheetGroupTabs Sheet window tabs that can be used to select channel groups.
SheetLabel Text label for submaster or channel, shown in the first column for each row in the Sheet table.
SheetMenu Menu for the Sheet user interface.
SheetPreferences Preferences for the Sheet window.
SheetTable JTable for use in sheet user interface.
SheetTableDetails Left side of sheet window containing the light cue details.
SheetTableHeaders JTable containing the row headers with the submaster and channel information in the left part of sheet user interface.
SheetTableModel Abstract class where the classes SheetTableModelHeaders and SheetTableModelHeaders share what they have in common.
SheetTableModelHeaders Table model for left side of Sheet window table.
SheetTableUI Specialized TableUI for Sheet tables for drawing individual gridlines with a different color.
SheetView Window that allows the user to maintain light cue details.

Package be.lassi.ui.sheet Description

Implements the Sheet window. The Sheet window is used to specify the details on light cues in cue lists. These details consist of timing information and channel or submaster levels.

The be.lassi.ui.sheet.SheetPanel is the main panel in the SheetFrame. On the left side, the SheetPanel contains the row headers (SheetTableHeaders) with submaster and channel information. On the right side the light cue details are shown in SheetTableDetails. Both SheetTableHeaders and SheetTableDetails inherit from SheetTable.

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Lighting Assistant 1.2